What is a Growth Mindset?

A Growth Mindset is a way of looking at the world as a place where you can have a positive impact, where you can establish and grow relationships and meet challenges that make you realise who you really are. Who are you really? You are someone capable of great things, designed to make a real and unique contribution to the world around you.

The opposite is a fixed mindset where you believe that your thinking and your outcomes can be changed, just dealt with.


At its core Growth Mindset helps you to understand how to use positive psychology to achieve your goals.

Growth Mindset helps you gain greater competence and confidence and overcome barriers to improving performance. Coaching builds on your strengths and reframes negative situations so that you can eliminate self-limiting thinking and behaviours. Coaching assists you to become the high-potential, high-performing person you are capable of becoming. You know its a choice so why not learn about the best way to think about just about anything.

A Growth Mindset approach will:

  • Assist you define your goals, dreams, passion, and vision. This includes setting concrete, measurable goals, and working with you to create and execute an action plan that gets the results you want.
  • Help you identify your strengths and opportunities for learning and growth, and how to put your strengths to work.
  • Assists you to clarify what is blocking or promoting your ability to make progress. Your coach leads you through a process of self-discovery and self-directed problem-solving.
  • Pushes you to stretch and to achieve
  • Holds you accountable for your progress and outcome

What are the outcomes of a Growth Mindset?


  • Increase your performance and productivity
  • Build better relationships
  • Influence people
  • Preparation for a promotion or role redesign
  • Take your career to the next level
  • Overcome barriers to success
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Get better results from the people you manage
  • Make better decisions
  • Become a better more effective communicator
  • Build relationship with challenging colleagues or customers

It starts with a measure and ends with you having a plan to change your life one thought at a time.

To get your complete guide to Growth Mindset send an email to thriive@thriive.net.au

How much of this can I change?

Just a few years ago the answer was not much. Now we know that that we can change about 40% of our outcomes by changing how we think about ourselves and our environment.

Three steps

There are three steps to benefitting from a Growth Mindset.

Get Measured

Of course its impossible to develop a Growth Mindset without knowing how you are thinking now. We use a Mental Toughness Questionaire that measures your Growth Mindset in less than 10 minutes.

Get a strategy


Once you have a measure you can go ahead and develop a plan around variables like control, confidence, challenge and commitment. This is wraps up into a strategy to get you closer to your destiny and your destiny closer to you.

Wake up and execute


You can learn tools to help you execute the plan, one moment at a time. Because Mindset is with you all the time you need a constant commitment to stay on track and receive the outcomes your unique contribution will offer you.

Find out more about Growth Mindset

If you would like to find out more about Growth Mindset send an email to thriive@thriive.net.au