When you have your clients or customers at the centre of your business you produce four outcomes:

  • Profitable revenue growth
  • Client advocacy
  • Constructive internal culture
  • Growth in shareholder value

 Client Centric Strategy 

Have a look at the link above to see how Client Centricity works.

There are four steps to achieving these outcomes:

  1. Business Planning. You may have a Growth Strategy in place, but not a complete Territory Plans describing our territory thought leadership, territory segmentation and engagement for AB&C clients. The full engagement strategy ensures you are involved in high leverage activities on the highest leverage clients.
  2. Client Planning. Client Plans exist but few are actively executed in terms of your value proposition, all decision makers, decision making criteria, and an active plan to maximise our revenue in that client.
  3. Bid and Opportunity Planning. We have a bid process but we don’t have opportunity win plans that ensures for all opportunities before they are won/lost we are working strategically to progress them against agreed criteria.
  4. A focus on execution. We have strategies and plans in place but we either don’t execute them fully or not as an integrated whole. This is where you will need Influencing People skills.

Where to start?

We would recommend the place to start is with a Baseline Audit to assess your Client Centricity Model by:

  1. Current State. Reviewing where you are today. For example review your current client strategy, your growth strategy, how you manage territories, accounts and opportunities.
  2. Growth State. Understand where you would like to take the business in the next 3-5 years.
  3. Roadmap to execute. Build a roadmap to connect the two, to accelerate your growth strategy, using the Client Centric Model.

We have workshops and consulting programs to help you understand how to implement these approaches. To find out more send an email with your requirements to: peteranthony@thriive.net.au