The Thriive negotiation approach is to maximize the business potential of any negotiation while building the relationship with the client,customer or other party. Most negotiators are either too easy going and leave too much value on the table, or are too demanding and damage the relationship unnecessarily. The key steps in the process are:

1. Identifying the interests driving the negotiation from both sides
2. Setting a SMART goal for the negotiation
3. Selecting a strategy and tactics for this negotiation
4. Developing BATNA or other ways of satisfying your interests without reaching agreement in this negotiation
5. Defining the key issues that must be resolved
6. Establishing the positions for each issue
7. Bargaining with a hierarchy of concessions, that is, understanding how to manage all issues simultaneously
8. Understanding how to execute the plan and how to manage tactics from the other party
9. Reaching a profitable agreement

Thriive runs one and two day negotiation programs that teach you negotiation strategies and how to apply them directly to your environment. For more details on these programs please send an email to