Our Story

We offer a fresh perspective on Thriiving people, cultures and customer relationships. We develop long term relationships with our clients based on creating real change delivering real results in three areas:

1. Becoming more Customer Centric. We help clients understand how to identify, attract win and grow profitable external customer relationships. Our proven approach delivers sales growth, a more constructive culture, equity growth and more customer advocacy. This unique approach spans customer strategy, skill development and expansion in the growth mindset of the individuals and organisation.
2. Influencing Stakeholders. People need to achieve objectives through others and this requires a strategic approach to engaging and influencing stakeholders. We work with clients to help them identify their key stakeholders, clarify their objectives, and create the right level of influence to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
3. Developing a Growth Mindset. To achieve anything worthwhile requires a mindset that creates real change, relishes challenge and enjoys the process of achieving goals seemingly out of reach. We can measure and grow the Mindset of individuals and teams to ensure even the biggest challenges are achieved.

Our CEO Peter Anthony

Peter has offered a fresh perspective on Thriiving people, cultures and customer relationships to thousands of people in 12 countries over 15 years. Based on his approaches Peter's clients have achieved:

1. Record growth in profitable sales revenue while increasing customer advocacy and a more constructive culture
2. Measurable improvements in influence and collaboration to achieve mutually agreed goals
3. Developing more resilient and adaptive employees capable of dealing with disruption and challenge through a growth Mindset.

Peter has a Master’s in communication and applies evidence-based approaches to his work. His book ‘Influence People’ describes a six-step approach to having a collaborative conversation that leaves both people better off.

See Peter's introduction here:  Peter Anthony video introduction 

Peter Anthony

Founder & CEO

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