Collaborative Conversations

Achieving anything worthwhile at work means regularly collaborating with people. Engaging key stakeholders, explaining new concepts or progressing projects all involve people who may have different objectives. So you need a way of achieving your objectives while they achieve theirs. This is what the Collaborate & Influence People workshop addresses – a practical way to achieve more with people at work one conversation at a time The program works on your real conversations so you learn the new techniques and how to apply them directly to real practical situations.

Here's a video explaining the Conversation Program:

Collaborative Conversations




Collaborative Groups

PROSOCIAL is a practical method for helping people work together in groups and for groups to work together to create cooperative multi-group ecosystems. PROSOCIAL is a fusion of scientific disciplines, including evolutionary theory, economics and political science, and the applied behavioral sciences. These are boiled down to a set of core design principles that can be applied at all social scales to improve efficacy and wellbeing.

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PROSOCIAL Collaboration

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