One of the best ways to get a sense of the Thriive approach is to have Peter Anthony make a presentation to a meeting or speak at a conference. The three most well received presentations Peter delivers are on Resilience, Collaboration and Storytelling.

How to thriive with resilience in tough times

Resilient people are sociable, calm and able to compete when necessary. True resilience means you thrive in tough times, in fact the harder the game the better you play. There's now a science to this and you can learn how to apply it in this engaging 45 minute presentation. You will learn more about the four key parts of resilience: control, challenge, commitment and confidence.


Collaborate to improve the outcomes of any group

Whenever I look at corporate values these days I see collaboration, we know it's important but how do we do it?There's now a scientific approach to improving the effectiveness of any group, and its all about how to collaborate. Here's an example of a speech I gave on collaboration at a recent education conference.

The story of your strategy

You will have noticed that the great leaders are great storytellers too. But how do you use story in business without sounding like its a nursery rhyme? I answer this question by showing you how to use stories in presentations and speeches to land your message in a memorable way. You will learn how to tell three key leadership stories: who you are as a leader, who we are as a culture and who they are as a customer we serve.